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  • Can I go to the farm site and buy directly from the farm?
    No. At this time we are encouraging all local orders go through our website or other e-commerce platforms or to join our CSA program. We will explore on-site purchasing in the future.
  • How do the mushrooms you offer taste?
    Each mushroom has a distinct flavor profile that attract chefs and home cooks alike. The Blue Oyster has a subtle anise aroma with a nice chewy texture and when cooked releases a mild and nutty, seafood-like flavor. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are a great meat substitute because of their ability to soak up whatever flavor they are cooked in, but also have a mild sweetness that mimics lobster or crab when pan-fried and dipped in butter. When cooked, Shiitakes have a unique rich, buttery, and meaty quality.
  • What type of items are you currently growing?
    We are currently growing Lion's Mane, Shiitake, and Oyster mushrooms.
  • Why mushrooms?
    Mushrooms are rich in nutrients, delicious, and have medicinal properties. They help support brain function, have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting abilities, lower blood cholesterol levels, and much more!
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